What target for Switzerland?

According to the Swiss government, Switzerland should reduce its CO2 emissions by 80% in 2050, if we want to limit global warming to 2°C.

Studies by the federal Office of energy show that this target can be achieved with only a minimal loss of productivity.

So what are we waiting for?  Why has Switzerland limited its ambitions announced for the conference of Paris to a national reduction of 30% of greenhouse gas by 2030 ?

The answer is given by Doris Leuthard, in her letter of the 26th of January

Les mesures concrètes de réduction supplémentaire des émissions se heurtent toutefois souvent à des craintes d'ordre économique.  Les entreprises redoutent une perte de compétivité si d'autres pays ne se plient pas aux mêmes exigences. (...) Nombreux sont également les citoyens qui craignent avant tout des coûts supplémentaires et une diminution de leur niveau de vie. Il y a cet égard encore un grand travail de persuasion à réaliser.
(in English : Concrete measures for extra reductions of greenhouse gases often encounter worries about the economy. Firms think they will lose competitiveness compared to other countries which don't follow the same rules. Many citizens also worry about the extra cost and a lower standard of living. A lot of persuasion is still needed.)

We need to show that a majority of Swiss residents want concrete and efficient actions against global warming !

Let's start the new energy revolution now - our firms will also benefit from the experience with new technologies.

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