Some groups suggest interfering even more with the climate instead of stopping greenhouse gas emissions:
  • by reducing solar radiation, for instance by releasing chemicals at a high altitude  (SRM),
  • by removing excess CO2 from the atmosphere (CDR).

Some real experiments have taken place, and some (inconclusive) theoretical research.

Is this the miracle solution, which will allow us to continue our current life style without changing anything ?

NO, because :
  • the risks of geoengingeering technics are very high. Some SRM technics could alter rain patterns, for instance the monsoon.
  • if we had to stop SRM (for instance because of pollution), the temperature would increase very rapidly to what it would have been without SRM  (rapport 1 du GIEC § E.8)
  • the ocean will remain too acid

This false solution also tempts some right-wing politiciens in Swizerland, but has been refused by the Federal Council.

Luckily, there is a simple method to remove excess CO2: plant trees !


Association Climat Genève